What’s Sales 3.0 – The New Contact Sport About?
We offer a free, no-obligation telephone consultation to assess how social media marketing can help you to drive more sales and revenues for your small-business. Let’s talk about the most pressing sales and internet marketing issues that you are facing as a small business owner. We can also review opportunities for better managing the social media marketing process.

Based on my experience, I can guarantee that our discussion will provide you with at least three or more insights, solutions or practical ideas you did not have before. So, you have nothing to loose by contacting me by phone at 847-359-6969 or email at doug@newcontactsport.com and let’s talk. Social media marketing is my passion.

If you want to provide some information to get us started, please complete the contact information below with some details about what is the most pressing issues or challenges you are facing today? (Your information will be held in strict confidence)

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