The Concept
The Concept - What’s Sales 3.0 – The New Contact Sport About?

Sales 3.0 - The New Contact Sport guides small-business professionals, salespeople and anyone seeking to harness the power of social media marketing to access specific markets and to target certain demographics. In the face of tough market conditions that only get tougher with each passing day, this book can be a survival guide for any entrepreneur or small business. Entrepreneurs running smaller businesses will learn how to create a driving force for growth with a well-developed social media marketing plan. This book shows the reader about every aspect of social media marketing and identifies the potential of sales success in consolidating as well as expanding business. Sales 3.0 - The New Contact Sport teaches real world methods of social media marketing and their application to businesses and professionals. By using the methods and tools in this book, a reader can easily create a successful sales strategy for their small business and carve a niche in the market in an inexpensive and productive way. Written in simple language, Sales 3.0 - The New Contact Sport encourages readers to practice the techniques explained and outlined in the book. Within a few hours, a person or an organization can start building a sturdy, successful small business.

To address the growing need of a “how to” guide book on social media marketing “Sales 3.0 - The New Contact Sport. How to Use and Leverage Social Media Marketing for Small Business Sales Success.” aims to helping build a small-businesses presence using social media marketing in an easy and an inexpensive way. First, the book establishes the needs for social media marketing for small businesses and debunks the myths surrounding the concept of marketing utilizing social media. Then it goes on to provide an easy, step-by-step guide to creating and harnessing the powers of social media marketing that even a layman can utilize. Along the way the book delves in to the secrets of social media marketing successes of some top companies. It includes pithy quotations, authoritative opinions, amazing true stories, quizzes, self assessment tests, and insightful case studies related to social media marketing. Data from authentic and verifiable sources are provided in all the chapters to back up statements. The compelling idea of writing a book on social media marketing occurred to us as we saw the concept emerging as a cardinal requirement for individuals and businesses during our careers as corporate Executives with several Fortune 500 companies and as small-business owners.

How do Readers benefit from Sales 3.0 - The New Contact Sport?
  1. A complete step-by-step program for any organization/individual to adapt easily.
  2. Most effective and latest social media marketing and brand-building techniques.
  3. Even non-marketing people and laymen can understand and implement the techniques and reap benefits.
  4. An inexpensive way of using and leveraging social media marketing presented as a how-to/do-it-yourself guide.
  5. Puts readers in charge and more in control of their destiny.
  6. There are several humorous stories, anecdotes, examples, quizzes, and self-assessments that make reading the book a fun-filled and enriching activity.
Effective and efficient sales and marketing practices for Small Business should now be centered on the new and evolving methods known as Sales 3.0 and Social Media Marketing. In the wake of emerging websites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin, and other social media marketing platforms and sites, these effective and free technologies are changing the landscape for entrepreneurs and small businesses around the world. Thus, as small businesses begin to realize the benefits of these free and wide-reaching tools, sales and marketing efforts can be improved for better results.

Traditional Sales and Marketing Methods for Small Businesses Older methods of sales and marketing have seen a decline in effectiveness and use of budget. Snail-mail, in-person prospecting, and phone calls are becoming an inefficient and ineffective use of a small businesses capital and resources. Either by direct costs or the time it takes for the owner or sales people to perform these duties, the cost efficiency of such endeavors are undermined. And even for these methods to be successful, they must incorporate high standards, which is costly. However, as reported in a USA Today article (online on 6.22.2009) on viral advertising, Russ Klein, Burger King’s chief marketing officer states that “People have grown increasingly skeptical of packaged, canned, Madison Avenue-speak.” Truly these ineffective ads that take budgeting money away cannot be the focus of small businesses.

Benefits of Sales 3.0 Tools
As small businesses are introduced to newer Sales 3.0 and social media marketing tools, the general inefficiency of traditional sales and marketing methods are much improved upon. The first thing Sales 3.0 and social media marketing tools improve upon is in regards to direct advertising costs. Small-business owners are discovering the power of these tools, and for a muchlower cost than traditional means. These newer methods can be obtained for no cost. And if money is to be spent somewhere, these networks and tools represent smart options for the time and resources invested.

In the second instance of improvement using Sales 3.0 tools, manpower is saved. Time wasted by the sales staff in regards to traditional methods is remedied. They can now focus on utilizing these networks and tools, thus saving time with ineffective traditional methods. It is important that small-business owners recognize the effectiveness of such tools and technologies. By using and leveraging certain social media marketing websites, tools, and online networks, millions of people can be reached, especially on the internet. In an article featured in the New York Times (online on 7.10.2007), David Appelbaum, vice president for marketing at BigFix explains a marketing initiative run by the company: “’Forty-five percent of the Web traffic to our main corporate site was originating from the viral campaign’ last fall, he adds, and it is ‘still driving traffic.’” In the article, Mr. Appelbaum reported that the campaign generated 400,000 customers. Like BigFix had experienced in the New York Times article, similar results can be obtained for small businesses with effective Sales 3.0 and social media marketing toolsand campaigns.

Reaching Your Target Market Free and Effectively It is important for small-business owners and entrepreneurs to realize the staggering audience that can be reached with Sales 3.0 and social media marketing. Social networks are an excellent example: according to statistics found on the social networking website Facebook, it has over 350 million active users. Other networking sites such as LinkedIn and Twitter reach millions of users across the globe and have become paramount for sales, marketing, advertising and brand enhancement. In national and local markets, small business can expand their reach and exposure, through the use of social networking and internet communities. Enthusiasts with reviews, advice, and forumscan be found dedicated to a virtually unlimited amount of industries and products.

Activity and Exposure
Small business owners and entrepreneurs should ensure that their sales and marketing efforts remain active and fresh within social communities and opportunities. It is important to establish a level of rapport within the community. Members cannot be blanketed with advertising attempts. When possible, demonstrate how to offer advice, get to know members, and tastefully introduce others to one’s product or business. Other slightly different online services can be effective for a small businesses in any location. Linkedin, Digg, Propeller, and StumbleUpon represent unique opportunities in Sales 3.0 andsocial media marketing. These websites allow for a great deal of exposure based on the popularity of a website. For no cost, pages on could be placed on websites such as these. If users find it useful or entertaining, it could generate a great deal of traffic and exposure.

Sales 3.0 and Social Media Marketing Opportunities
Sales 3.0 and social media marketing represents a unique opportunity that can transform a small business. While these tools and communities offer excellent paid advertising prospects, they can be effectively utilized for free. When small business owners consider this with the audience, exposure, and new business opportunities occur and there truly is unlimited potential for sales and marketing success. As Sales 3.0 and social media marketing tools and opportunities can offer vast improvements over traditional methods, small business owners should consider integrating these into a blend to utilize the advantages of each. The sales and marketing opportunities available for small businesses on the Internet are truly reshaping their marketing world.

Sales 3.0 and Social Media Marketing - The Next Sales Frontier
Technological innovations have always influenced and changed the way we live. Buying and selling, formidable facets of life, also get transformed by the latest developments in technology. Technical developments such as the advent and the growth of the Internet have created value for both buyers and sellers alike. Sales 3.0 and social media marketing is a term coined to reflect the usage of WEB 2.0 and other technologies that are expedient to marketing and sales success for small businesses. In simple terms, Sales 3.0 and social media marketing means nothing but the usage of the latest technologies to leverage sales and meet buyer needs. The latest web technologies and social media form a part of Sales 3.0 tools. Sales 3.0 approaches produce superior, predictable, and repeatable business results. They can cut costs, save time, and sustain a competitive edge. Sales 3.0 is still the same age old concept of sales, only the process and methods have evolved. Sales 3.0 concentrates on engaging customers and developing brand loyalty with the ultimate aim of driving more sales.

It Starts with a Website
To reap the benefits of Sales 3.0 and social media marketing processes a small business needs to have a website and preferably a blog. A website is on 24/7 and can be accessed across the globe. A website can describe and define a small business in finer details and at times can better serve than a sales person. Interested people can receive regular newsletters from the website and be updated about the latest development concerning the product or services being offered. A blog also will declare to the world about the latest developments and different perspectives about a brand. Interested people can post their queries or comments. By answering their queries sellers can clarify doubts. Responding to comments the sellers could bring potential buyers closer to the knowledge about the ability of the product or service to meet their needs.

Techniques of Getting Traffic
Simply having a website is not enough. The website must get traffic to obtain a favorable ranking by Google, Yahoo, etc. Search engines optimization (SEO) techniques and getting linked to other websites are an indispensable part of web 2.0 process, which in turn is a part of Sales 3.0 and social media marketing process. In addition to having content rich with search engine friendly key words, your website and blogs should be linked to RSS aggregator. Your blog also needs to be a member of Technorati, the blog-ranking search engine.

Using the Internet to Promote Brand and Sales
Many businesses that use Sales 3.0 and social media marketing techniques embed audio and videos of products and brands on their websites. They broadcast clippings of their business videos on websites such as You Tube. Sharing visuals greatly enhances visibility of the product or service. You can also create buzz for your product, such as Nike’s campaign with Kobe Bryant “jumping a car” to promote its’ news shoes. The video became a viral sensation.

Social Media Marketing Savvy
Your business or you should have profiles in various social networking sites such as Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter. Sales and marketing techniques have improved with the evolving behavior of buyers. If seven or eight years ago buyers loved to spend time chatting on Yahoo or MSN, now they prefer to keep in touch with friends and associates as well as make new contacts on social media. Networking in the social media spheres helps in increasing sales directly. Interacting with a prospect on social media site increases the likelihood of getting an appointment by eight times. (Source: Bnet) We all know how it is to make or receive cold calls. Sales people would love if the awkwardness of talking to strangers could be eased a bit. Establishing some rapport with people from an organization would help a great deal in picking up the phone and making the call. Social media marketing helps in creating familiar grounds. Being part of the social media world enables businesses to get a chance to feel the pulse of the buyers and the market trend. They also may get into a position to influence market buzz. These are definitely going to help your sales and marketing efforts.

Sales 3.0 is About Speed
With the help of technology sales reps are now able to close deals at a speed that was not possible a decade ago. They get messages through instant messaging or SMS about the latest moves of the prospects. It is now possible to have a feel of the pulse of the prospect constantly and close the deal when the prospect is hot. Accessing emails on mobile phones and replying to them is one of the technological advances that help.

Sales 3.0 and social media marketing is still about human relationships. Technology has only modified the process and the end result remains the same. Sales 3.0 and social media marketing is not a transitional thing after Sales 1.0 and before Sales 2.1. It is an effective sales and marketing tool. Sales in the next decade will be steered by Sales 3.0. Those entrepreneurs and small businesses that are not using it should embrace this new model of sales and marketing, you will be amazed at the results!