What’s Sales 3.0 – The New Contact Sport About?
 Sales 3.0 - The New Contact Sport guides small-business professionals, salespeople and anyone seeking to harness the power of social media marketing to access specific markets and to target certain demographics. In the face of tough market conditions that only get tougher with each passing day, this book can be a survival guide for any entrepreneur or small business. Entrepreneurs running smaller businesses will learn how to create a driving force for growth with a well-developed social media marketing plan. This book shows the reader about every aspect of social media marketing and identifies the potential of sales success in consolidating as well as expanding business.

Sales 3.0 - The New Contact Sport teaches real world methods of social media marketing and their application to businesses and professionals. By using the methods and tools in this book, a reader can easily create a successful sales strategy for their small business and carve a niche in the market in an inexpensive and productive way. Written in simple language, Sales 3.0 - The New Contact Sport encourages readers to practice the techniques explained and outlined in the book. Within a few hours, a person or an organization can start building a sturdy, successful small business.

Overview and Summary
Candidly speaking, there aren’t many authoritative books on “social media marketing” even though this is a burning topic with sweeping appeal. Any prudent small-business owner and marketer will unequivocally assign “social media marketing” a prime position in the scheme of things to better market one's small business and to help boost revenues. It is an increasingly popular phenomenon rapidly gaining recognition among professionals, businessmen, entrepreneurs, as well as the general public; but it is still confined to mostly articles and blogs written by technology managers and purported “internet marketing experts”.

A healthy and vibrant social media marketing plan is highly beneficial for a small business and is a sure winner as a marketing tool. Yet for the lack of clear understanding of the concept and of the processes of using social media marketing has become some sort of a popular Arcanum.

Google has digitalized millions of books and offers several titles on its book search result page for the subject “social media marketing”. But most of the social media marketing books make only fleeting references to “social media”; many dwell on the subject in a single chapter; and only a few have treated it with the dignity and attention that it deserves.

The few books that have attempted to discuss “social media marketing” in its entirety have left many things unsaid. While books concentrating on “social media marketing” are very few, the concept has risen in prominence not only as an effective sales and marketing tool but also as a phenomenon evoking interest from small businesses, entrepreneurs, marketers, service providers, college students, and professionals across a range of vocations and industries. The time is ripe for a qualitative book like "Sales 3.0 - The New Contact Sport. How to Use and Leverage Social Media Marketing for Small Business Sales Success." especially given strong demand from the business world.

The fast-changing business landscape is thick with competition. The race to occupy the consumer’s mind space was never so fierce as it is today. Understanding, using and leveraging social media marketing is a precondition for mere survival. We live in a world crowded with small businesses with limited sales and marketing resources competing for limited customers. Our buying and consuming behaviors are heavily influenced by the new social media sites, Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, LinkedIn, etc.

From the beverages we drink to the airlines we fly, all are starting to use and promote their products and services using social media marketing and for a fraction of the price of tradition media. Products vie with one another to capture markets and the low-cost production countries like China and India have squeezed prices so low there is hardly any room to compete on that basis.

The best remaining option is to have an edge by creating a unique and effective social media marketing strategy. Two hundred years ago personal wealth was defined by how much land you owned. A hundred years ago wealth was determined by the hard-assets you could acquire, railroads and steel mills – Andrew Carnegie was America’s wealthiest man through his ownership of steel mills. Today wealth has been transformed to mean and be measured by how much education and how many relevant jobs skills you can apply today. The internet and social media marketing have helped to level the playing field for small businesses to compete with large corporations.

The rules out there are simple: have a distinct identity, promote your small business brand using social media marketing or perish. The top 100 marketers in the USA spent a whopping $155 billion on brand promotion in 2009 to keep their shares of the market intact or growing (Source: Brand Spending). And the amount spent on social media marketing is expected to increase 18 percent in 2010.

In the hyper-competitive world of business the use of social media marketing can be an effective alternative to traditional advertising and media outlets. To address the growing need of a “how to” guide book on social media marketing "Sales 3.0 - The New Contact Sport. How to Use and Leverage Social Media Marketing for Small Business Sales Success." aims to helping build a small-businesses presence using social media marketing in an easy and an inexpensive way.

First, the book establishes the needs for social media marketing for small businesses and debunks the myths surrounding the concept of marketing utilizing social media. Then it goes on to provide an easy, step-by step guide to creating and harnessing the powers of social media marketing that even a layman can utilize.

Along the way the book delves in to the secrets of social media marketing successes of some top companies. It includes pithy quotations, authoritative opinions, amazing true stories, quizzes, self assessment tests, and insightful case studies related to social media marketing. Data from authentic and verifiable sources are provided in all the chapters to back up statements. The compelling idea of writing a book on social media marketing occurred to us as we saw the concept emerging as a cardinal requirement for individuals and businesses during our careers as corporate Executives with several Fortune 500 companies and as small-business owners.

Who buys Sales 3.0 – The New Contact Sport and why?
The good news about social media marketing is that it is relevant to the entire gamut of professions and businesses. In fact, anyone who owns a business of any kind and anyone that offers a service of any kind must understand and use social media marketing. Given the current recession, recent college graduates, soloprenuers and small businesses must understand how to use and leverage social media marketing if they are to survive and thrive. Therefore, the current potential market for Sales 3.0 - The New Contact Sport, inspires tremendous enthusiasm and confidence.

Small-business owners: There are more the 6 million small business owners (Source: US Census Bureau) who have compelling reasons to enhance and grow their business by understanding and using social media marketing. Therefore many of them are likely to buy this book.

Professionals: Add to that millions of professionals from various fields including but not limited to: communications, entertainment, sports, travel, hospitality, real estate, finance, and healthcare etc.; and we have a huge market for Sales 3.0 - The New Contact Sport.

Employees: Nearly 115 million people employed in small and large businesses (Source: US Small Business Administration) can benefit from Sales 3.0 - The New Contact Sport.

Entrepreneurs: Enterprising people keen on starting their own businesses will find it hard to fight the feeling that Sales 3.0 - The New Contact Sport is written primarily for them. They will be motivated to use the affordable and productive strategies discussed in it.

Academics: Students, scholars, and academicians in management will love to discuss the various issues elaborated in the book.

Advertisers and marketers: Most importantly, this book is something that professionals from the advertising and marketing world can hardly afford not to buy. Seasoned and matured professionals as well as neophytes in this field will find the book useful in helping them to grow their own careers and increase the bottom lines of their clients.

Job applicants: We have not included here the large number of candidates who interview for jobs and homemakers who want to engage in well-paying part-time, home-based jobs or businesses.

Recent college graduates: In 2009, over 1,250,000 Bachelors Degrees were conferred (Source: US Government Bureau of Labor Statistics) . These new entrants to the workforce are a sizable and profitable market for Sales 3.0 - The New Contact Sport.

In other words, the bakery at the end of the street; the small-business owner aiming to take on the big corporations; the ambitious software developer; the rising sports star; the struggling movie actor; the professor at a business school; and the busy homemaker making aromatic soaps in the garage … the list goes on and on. Indeed, Sales 3.0 - The New Contact Sport targets nearly everyone.